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digitalmars.D - Nice Words About D

There's a review of Learn to Tango with D over at GameDev.net[1]. It 
opens with a few good words about Walter and D. GDNet has thousands of 
users, so this it's nice to see a good word for D get so much exposure. 
The opening paragraphs:

First off, a word about The D language. D is the brainchild of Walter 
Bright, who's most likely been writing C and C++ compilers longer than 
you've been alive. He's the father of Zortech C++ (later Symantec and 
now Digital Mars), which was the first reasonable C++ compiler for 
desktop machines (IIRC there were a couple of CFront compilers available 
for MS-DOS, but the less said about them the better). He knows C and C++ 
better than anyone else, and, to misquote an old TV commercial, when he 
talks people listen. So when he decided to start from scratch and design 
a language and compiler that borrow the best features from C, C++, and 
Java, you should expect something impressive.

And it is. The design of D is outstanding. It doesn't follow the latest 
design fads. It dumps all of "change for change's sake" features that 
bedevil Java as well as all of the byzantine and ever-growing syntax of 
C++ to reveal a re-imagining of the C/C++/Java feature-set that is 
elegant, compact, and high-performance. In short, it's not designed by a 


[1] http://www.gamedev.net/columns/books/bookdetails.asp?productid=700
Jun 15 2008