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Les rename regex to patternMatch because it’s good and even 
Scala(!!!!) has ... okay smal _step_(?) and we have joke and at 
least nice one.....

Okay I just wanted oh where that C++

Herb Sutter you know Andrei

Is IT _times_ all the good stuf my fingers fuck at least my phone 
works it’s lfe _okay*

Call he you he must have some laugh what should say _maybe_ you a 
copule of maybe and that guy...

Fuck... Atila fo you... damn ... have.. mm muscle? ;)

At least of pack of good bear you even if ithe plane crushes we 
will *FUCK* that is hard

TO TAKE AWAY... I am just Dmitry fuck cannot even stop there is 

You I like REGEX .... fuck enough...
Jun 30 2018