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digitalmars.D - Need Feedback for a new book - "D Cookbook"

reply "Paushali Mandal" <paushalim packtpub.com> writes:
Hi guys,

I'm looking for some feedback on a recently published book on D 
programming language, namely, D Cookbook.

Link to the book page: 

If anybody is interested, please send a mail to me on 
paushalim packtpub.com


You can comment below this post stating your interest (for e.g., 
your email id and where would you like to share your feedback - 
Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, etc.)

I appreciate your help regarding this!
Jul 11 2014
next sibling parent "Abdulhaq" <alynch4047 gmail.com> writes:
Hi Paushali

I'm interested in reviewing the book, you can contact me at 
alynch4047 gmail.com. I'd put the review on Amazon.
Jul 11 2014
prev sibling parent "Adam D. Ruppe" <destructionator gmail.com> writes:
I wanna bump this and remind anyone who has read the book that 
writing Amazon reviews is something that can help me out and help 
out D by raising its profile through the book!
Jul 14 2014