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digitalmars.D - More about std.experimental.logger

As it was recently announced 
(http://forum.dlang.org/post/ma5vta$21aj$1 digitalmars.com) 
logging package proposal by Robert Schadek has been merged into 
std.experimental package.

Some notable changes since last review:

* new way of compile-time log level filtering (by Martin Nowak)
* support for thread-local loggers (by default simply forwards to 
shared one)
* many documentation improvements / changes
* replacement of  trsuted with  safe in most places (by Dicebot)
* more local imports

It has been a very long process and I am glad it is finally 

However, it is still very likely that more issues remain 
unnoticed - be it implementation or documentation. Thus I 
sincerely ask everyone interested in using the logging system to 
give one more try / review with current Phobos master and submit 
pull requests for any desired improvements. This is likely to be 
more productive than providing feedback via NG as many good 
comments has been lost simply due to amount of discussion.

One suggestion would be to try creating a dub-distributed library 
with more sophisticated loggers on top of std.experimental.logger 
API and see if there are any problems in existing implementation 
that prevent it.

Happy coding.
Jan 27 2015