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digitalmars.D - Midterm GSoC 2011 status

Allow me to quickly report news of potential interest to the community.

Recall we have three students working on D under the Google Summer of 
Code (GSoC) 2011 program:

Cristi Cobzarenco (mentor David Simcha): linear algebra
Dmitry Olshansky (mentor Fawzi Mohamed): regular expressions
David Nadlinger (mentor Nitay Joffe): Thrift bindings

I am happy to report that the GSoC 2011 midterm evaluations (due 
tomorrow) by mentors all have submitted "pass" grade to the students, 
which means the projects are going well.

For the second half we're looking at defining final goals, tightening 
communication, and accelerating work for the final push.

Many thanks to all GSoC 2011 participants!

Jul 14 2011