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digitalmars.D - Mangling C++ Functions?

Does anyone have any solutions around the problem of linking to 
C++ functions from D that use types that D can't represent? Such 
as "float* const"? I don't want to just stick the symbol name in 
a pramga(mangle, "...") as that won't be portable.

Possibly implementing mangling for extern(C++) for 
core.mangleFunc but somehow allow for the pointers to be 
modified. I'm not sure what a good interface for that would look 
like. As you can have a bunch of pointers to pointers "float****" 
with each indirection being able to be const or not independent 
of each other. The most common use case would propbably be either 
one or two indirections, I am thinking of when a function has the 
following definition:

"void func(float param[])"
"void func(float* param[])"

Which results in the definition for the parameter being "float* 
const" or "float** const".
Dec 01 2017