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digitalmars.D - Looking for remote software development jobs using D

I have trouble getting any jobs in my homeland, since no local 
company hire any software developer (the closest would be some 
Linux sysadmin, if those jobs are still open), in my country most 
IT companies are web development only, and I'm not experienced 
enough with them (didn't want to learn at least 4 different badly 
designed languages for less money). I couldn't apply to other 
jobs since a catch 22 regarding my college status and local 
companies weren't interested in part-timers (the only way I could 
get a full-time job is if my college status is part-time, and I 
only can get a part-time college status if I get a full-time job 
first, the easiest way to bypass it is dropping out from college, 
get a job, then reapply to college and pray that you won't have 
to retake all classes). Unfortunately my family is getting into 
deeper and deeper financial troubles, I'm currently on the verge 
of dropping out (thanks to not being able to find an internship, 
and a consultant for my college thesis), and a minimum-wage job 
doesn't cover anything.

About me:

I'm working with D for 3 years, and I came from a Java 

a small project called VDP-engine (now called PixelPerfectEngine, 

instead, however I came back for my engine and continued 

I'm not too experienced with the last one, my knowledge on HTML 
is only web 1.0 level at best, and I don't know any Javascript 
(besides of some pretty basic stuff coming from other languages). 
I'm specialized on software optimization, and have done some 
basic DSP and image processing stuff (see CPUblit in dub for the 

I'm currently living in Hungary, but I'm planning to leave the 
country ASAP due to both economical and political reasons, the 
latter might be a possible reason why I couldn't get any kind of 
internship or job, however I don't have any evidence for that. I 
only speak English besides of Hungarian, but I'm planning on 
learning other languages thanks to Brexit.

If I have to say how much money I would work for, then let it be 
$10/hour. However in my current situation, even less would be 
more than good. (I need money to replace aging and failing 
hardware, money to move out, etc)
Jun 06 2018