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Really a message to John Colvin, but I lost his email=E2=80=A6

Kingsley made two attempts to start a DLang London meet up, maybe third
time lucky?

It is worth noting that Phil Nash started a C++ London group a few
months back and now gets 100+ at each meeting. Clearly there is huge
interest in C++ in London that was untapped till recently. Maybe we
could do a D pitch to the C++ folk, especially based on mixed

Given C++17 and it's parallelism support, plus that Herb may well get
metaclasses into C++20, what is the angle that gets C++ folk to D these
days? Or is it that that opportunity has now passed given the changes
in C++?

Gerald did a great pitch for D as the replacement for Vala (and C++)
for Gtk. Maybe that is an angle, maybe get D as an official binging
based on LDC?
Then there is the Python angle. I know the "data science" mindset is
Python/NumPy/Pandas/Matplotlib (yes R is still a factor) and that is
unlikely ever to be supplanted successfully in the short and medium
term. But maybe worth thinking what a D-centric approach might be.
Laeeth has often championed D over Python in finance.

I suspect I will be doing a Python/Chapel pitch at PyConUK this year,
trying to get Pythonistas to understand what real computation is: 10
processors, pah, I want 10,000 processors working on this. If anyone
wants to get a Python/D pitch in there, I'd be there to cheer.

One thing that is clear in the Python community is that presentational
sessions get an audience, and code dojo, actual programming sessions
get an audience. Maybe there is a role for a D meeting where people
turn up and actually just do some programming, either code dojo, or
working on something specific.

Sadly working on the IntelliJ IDEA plugin would be great but that is
Kotlin (and Java) programming.

Oh and are people thinking of proposing D-related sessions to ACCU
2018? The call for proposals will go out 2017-10.

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May 07 2017