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reply bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:
The great Raymond Hettinger suggests to put links to the (github) source code
inside the docs, this was done by Tango docs, but not enough by Phobos docs:



Feb 05 2011
parent Adam D. Ruppe <destructionator gmail.com> writes:
I added automatic source linking to my "improveddoc" program.

http://arsdnet.net/d-web-site/std_stdio.html (see the link on the right)

If this reaches the point where it is good enough for the official
site, we'll have it there too.

It needs to know the commit ID of the release to link to the file.
This way, you are looking at the same source you are reading the
documentation for, to avoid version confusion.
Feb 05 2011