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digitalmars.D - Just because it's not dmd, don't mean you have to shy away from

Just thought I might say that it's ok to send pull requests for 
any important/critical changes in upstream dmd, phobos and 
druntime down to gdc if you feel it is the correct thing to do.  
It has been done in the past for any showstopping bugs in the 
library (various multithread related issues), and also for cool 
new features (__vector support) - and afterall that is one of the 
reasons why I felt moving to github was important - if there is 
an issue that you can resolve yourself, then get it done! Rather 
than wait for the ever persistant development bottleneck that is 
myself to find time to get round to it.  We don't bite, and only 
ask that anything gdc-specific is wrapped in version(GNU) so that 
it won't be forgotten upon the next big merge.

PS:  Sorry Alexrp, but I thought I might contribute my view to 
the community. :~)

Jun 18 2012