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reply Brian <zoujiaqing gmail.com> writes:
The goal of this project is to create a scalable low latency 
garbage collector capable of handling heaps ranging from a few 
gigabytes to multi terabytes in size, with GC pause times not 
exceeding 10ms.


Be alright with D ^^
Jul 08 2018
parent Brian <zoujiaqing gmail.com> writes:
The Z Garbage Collector, also known as ZGC, is a scalable low 
latency garbage collector designed to meet the following goals:

     Pause times do not exceed 10ms
     Pause times do not increase with the heap or live-set size
     Handle heaps ranging from a few hundred megabytes to multi 
terabytes in size

At a glance, ZGC is:

     Using colored pointers
     Using load barriers

At its core, ZGC is a concurrent garbage collector, meaning all 
heavy lifting work is done while Java threads continue to 
execute. This greatly limits the impact garbage collection will 
have on your application's response time.
Jul 09 2018