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digitalmars.D - Issue with std.typecons.scoped and Interfaces

Sorry this is long, but it's a somewhat complicated issue that I think
someone who knows a lot about is() could solve very quickly. I hit this a
while back but didn't figure out exactly what the issue was until today. It
seems that std.typecons.scoped doesn't play nice with interfaces:

scopedtest.d (shortened somewhat):
import std.typecons, std.stdio;

class A {
this() { writeln("A"); }
~this() { writeln("~A"); }

interface Bob {}

class ABob : A, Bob {
this() { writeln("ABob"); }
~this() { writeln("~ABob"); }

void main() { auto abob = scoped!ABob(); }

compiler output:
$ gdc -o scopedtest scopedtest.d
/usr/include/d2/4.6.0/std/typecons.d:2571: Error: template
std.typecons.destroy(T) if (is(T == class)) does not match any function
template declaration
/usr/include/d2/4.6.0/std/typecons.d:2571: Error: template
std.typecons.destroy(T) if (is(T == class)) cannot deduce template function
from argument types !()(A,Bob)
/usr/include/d2/4.6.0/std/typecons.d:2530: Error: template instance
std.typecons.destroy!(ABob) error instantiating
scopedtest.d:18:        instantiated from here: scoped!(ABob,)
scopedtest.d:18: Error: template instance std.typecons.scoped!(ABob,) error

  Used by scoped() above.  Calls the destructors of an object
  transitively up the inheritance path, but work properly only if the
  static type of the object (T) is known.
private void destroy(T)(T obj) if (is(T == class))
    static if (is(typeof(obj.__dtor())))
    static if (!is(T == Object) && is(T Base == super))
        Base b = obj;
        destroy(b); // <-- this instantiation is failing

So it looks like instead of a single type, we're getting a tuple of some
sort because ABob has multiple "superclasses" ? I haven't played with tuples
enough to know exactly what's going on here.
Aug 15 2011