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digitalmars.D - Invariants and reference counting

I implemented a base class for reference couting. The problem now is 
that because the RemoveReference function is a public one and might 
destroy and delete the object when the reference count drops to 0 the D 
invariant handler will crash because it gets called always at the end of 
that function. Now I want this function to be public because I might 
need to manually add / remove references at some point. Also I want 
destruction in there because I don't want to copy the destruction code 
in every place I call RemoveReference. Is there even a way to fix this?

Ideas I had so far
1) Make the RemoveReference function private and only allow reference 
counting through a smart pointer
2) Make the base class a templated struct which is always the first 
member of the class (hacky)

Is there a way to disable invariants globally (compiler switch?). 
Because in release mode I don't want the invariant hander to be called 
especially since the class does not even use invariants.

Is there a way to disable invariants per class?
Kind Regards
Benjamin Thaut
Dec 28 2011