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digitalmars.D - Interesting lesson from Rust/Cargo?

This issue (its a very long read: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust-roa
dmap/issues/12 ) on the Rust Roadmap repository indicates that
integrating Rust with Bazel and Buck are important roads to traction in
the C++/Python circles for Google and Facebook. This may or may not be
an interesting thing to try and do for D.

The lesson though is that any form of integration is not done till
crates.io is accessible using the build system not Cargo. The inference
is that, for D, accessing the Dub repository (and DVCS repositories)
from Dub, CMake, Meson, and Scons is the right thing to do. Dub clearly
can handle Dub (but not DVCS repositories?).

Experiments with using Dub to fetch and compile packages for SCons =E2=80=
since packages only have Dub specifications, it makes no sense to try
and download from Dub and build with SCons =E2=80=93 are progressing and sh=
it feasible. The same now needs doing for Meson and CMake.

Can Dub pull packages from DVCS repositories? If not this must be added
since this is a crucially useful feature of Cargo for those at the
bleeding edge.
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Jun 23 2017