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digitalmars.D - Info on doc pages

Instead of the lengthy explanation that I already wrote and erased, let 
it suffice to say, that the Last Update Date on DMD doc pages is 
somewhat arbitrary.

The user has no way of knowing if this page is years old, or if it 
really contains something that's changed recently.

Could ddoc be changed to print the date of the file, instead of the date 
of running ddoc? Please. (Nobody cares when ddoc was run, anyway. It's 
the actual changes that count.)

(Or is there something in Walter's setup that "touches" each file 
anyhow? In which case we maybe should figure out a way to fix that too.)

The other thing, "wouldn't it be nice" to have the actual D version on 
the page? Currently it only states if it's D1 or D2.

I don't think I need to explain the usefulness of the latter request.

(And yes, I know, fixing the latter is more work...)
May 14 2009