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digitalmars.D - I made a D Tips page

I copy/pasted a couple of my newsgroup posts to a web page that I plan
to grow into a little collection of useful tips on using D.

There isn't much there now, but as I see things on the newsgroup that
seem useful or as I have the time to write more myself, I'll do some
copying and pasting here so they are easy to find later.

Here's the link:

I took a look at the D wiki, but didn't see an obvious place to add it. Wikis
kinda scare me anyway. But please do feel free to copy, edit, etc. the contents
of my page there to anywhere you want if it would be helpful there.
Let me know if you copy it and I'll send you an email when I add to it too.

Adam D. Ruppe
May 16 2009