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digitalmars.D - Hunt framework v0.7.0 released

Hunt is a high-level dlang Web framework that encourages rapid 
development and clean, pragmatic design. It lets you build 
high-performance Web applications quickly and easily.

     1. add new routing module
     2. add cache module
     3. support route group
     4. support access static file
     5. add new http error page
     6. add memcache storage
     7. add redis storage
     8. update collie version to 0.9.x
     9. improve example project
     0. use new application config items

Create an web project use hunt-skeleton:
git clone https://github.com/putaolabs/hunt-skeleton.git myproject
cd myproject
dub run -v


Custom action text in this file source/app/controller/index.d :
module app.controller.index;

import hunt;

class IndexController : Controller
     mixin MakeController;

     void index()
         response.html("Hello world");

Config http port in config/application.conf :
http.address =
http.port = 8080

Custom routes in file config/routes :
GET    /         index.index
GET    /test     index.test

project source code repo:
May 12 2017