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digitalmars.D - How to use struct postblit/opAssign/constructors

I don't know why but I feel myself confused with struct variables 
in D. As far as structs are value types this means that they are 
copied everywhere except when passing from/to functions with ref 

So what I don't understand is when each of these methods for 
struct variables are called (postblit/opAssign/constructors). Am 
I right that postblit is used to assign to struct another value 
with the same type? But what is used when I assign value of the 
same type, but with another qualifier (const to mutable, 
immutable to mutable). Should I overload opAssign instead? Or 
create special constructor to make new value of type that I need?

I don't understand what is general guideline in such situations, 
because it's common case when I need create some mutable copy of 
const or immutable struct data to work with.
Nov 30 2013