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digitalmars.D - How to make stuff const in a template?

The following program gives unexptected results.

    template MakeConst(T)
        alias const(T) MakeConst;

    void main()
        alias float MF;
        alias const(float) CF;
        alias MakeConst!(MF) TF;

        writefln(MF.stringof, ", ", typeid(MF));
        writefln(CF.stringof, ", ", typeid(CF));
        writefln(TF.stringof, ", ", typeid(TF));

It prints...

    float, float
    const float, const float
    float, float

I would have expected the second and third lines to be identical. Why
aren't they?

More to the point, how can I create a template which turns a primitive
type T into a const(T)?
Nov 28 2007