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digitalmars.D - How the Heck Do I Subscribe to Receiving Multicast Messages Broadcast

Hello All!

I've been trying every possible combination and cannot get 
anything working. (>_<)

This is I think the closest I've got, I think the problem may be 
with the 3 argument.  I'm not sure how to join the Multicast IP 
(this code currently does not work - throws error:
'Unable to set socket option: An invalid argument was supplied'.)

Socket listen_socket = new Socket(AddressFamily.INET, 
SocketType.DGRAM, ProtocolType.UDP);
SocketOption.IPV6_JOIN_GROUP, 1);
auto adr = getAddress("", "56000");

This is how the messages are sent (which works fine):

Socket udp_broadcast_soc = new UdpSocket();
SocketOption.BROADCAST, 1);
auto adr = getAddress("", 54000);
udp_broadcast_soc.sendTo(<message>, adr[0]);

Please Please Please Help, I am desperate!

Many Thanks in Advance for your time & attention,
Aug 10 2018