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digitalmars.D - How about D implementing some *more* commonly used Unit Test Framework?


I read this.
   D's unittests are not meant to replace a Unit test framework, they 
are meant to be used. Now, I understand why the unittest in D currently is limited. I am not talking about for a full set of unit test frame work, But at least some of the commonly used method shown here would be nice. http://kentbeck.github.com/junit/javadoc/latest/ Not too sure if that should be an API or syntax, I suspect API because Java also have only assert as syntax. It would be really nice if they were pure global functions set. And it would be nice if there is also support for something like sprintf + assert to make formatting of messages really well defined along with the assert testing of those messages. Some places, all unit test needs to be logged within a file for regression testing. If the message is on the console and also in the log file, along with some log diff tool, regression can be done. That is to ensure future changes does not impact currently working business logic. Few languages, if not none, support such thing without using commercial tool. I am sure Java, C#, C++ does not have this as part of the J/SDK. Killing 2 birds with one stone. -- Matthew Ong email: ongbp yahoo.com
Jun 03 2011