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digitalmars.D - Hooray for DustMite

reply Andrew Wiley <wiley.andrew.j gmail.com> writes:
Just wanted to give kudos to Vladimir Panteleev for his excellent
DustMite utility, which reduced a DMD 2.055 backend ICE in Dinecraft
(a ~10,000 line codebase) to this:

struct ChunkLoc {

class Chunk {

        private ChunkLoc _loc;

        public ChunkLoc loc()  {
                return _loc;

private struct FiberWaitingForChunk {

class WorldCache {
        FiberWaitingForChunk*[ChunkLoc] _fibersWaitingForChunks;
        void chunkLoaded(Chunk chunk) {

Which has now been filed at http://d.puremagic.com/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=6799

Oct 09 2011
next sibling parent Trass3r <un known.com> writes:
Yep, it's a really nifty tool.
I already filed several bugs that had been reduced with DustMite.
Oct 10 2011
prev sibling parent "Vladimir Panteleev" <vladimir thecybershadow.net> writes:
On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 09:26:55 +0300, Andrew Wiley  
<wiley.andrew.j gmail.com> wrote:

I'm glad so many people are finding DustMite useful :) I can't help but wonder if it can be helpful to people outside the D community. Support for other languages is pretty easy to add. -- Best regards, Vladimir mailto:vladimir thecybershadow.net
Oct 11 2011