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digitalmars.D - Help : DMD debugger issue under Win NT and codeblocks

reply Laurent Alebarde <l.alebarde2 free.fr> writes:

I have just installed codeblocks, dmd and dmc. I am testing with a simple
'Hello World' copied from Digital Mars. Building and running are ok. Then, I
tested the debugger, buildi the project for debug target, set a breakpoint, and
run in debug mode.

Here comes the problem, I have three successive windows telling : 
  - The command line option 'nx' is invalid
  - The command line option 'fullname' is invalid
  - The command line option 'quiet' is invalid

Then : "Debugger finished with status 1"

I have checked codeblocks settings for compilers and debuggers in the Digital
Mars D compiler section, but nothing relative to these messages.

Does someone has an idea ?

My codeblock build is : Jun 9 2007 18:23:06 - wx 2.8.4
My DMC version is V849
My DMD version is in accordance (downloaded at the same date - no version
information found)
Aug 23 2007
parent Jascha Wetzel <"[firstname]" mainia.de> writes:
Laurent Alebarde wrote:
 Does someone has an idea ?
get ddbg from http://ddbg.mainia.de/ and check out the documentation for details.
Aug 23 2007