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digitalmars.D - Hashing and imports

While creating an AA with a static char array as key, I have seen that to make
it work I have to put it inside a struct, because static arrays don't seem to
have an hash function defined. I think this is a hole that deserves to be


Time ago I have read that the computer language of the future may be what today
we write in the code comments. In my code I often write:

import std.conv: toInt; // for foobar()

It means that toInt() will be used only inside the foobar function of the
current module. Generally it's positive to put a name into the most tight
enclosing scope, to avoid name clashes, cluttering the namespace. And it's
positive to use a name, like toInt, as closer as possible where you
define/import it. So I think it may be positive to put imports inside functions
too (the only difference is that the imported names are visibile only in that
function/method). A possible problem: I don't know where/when to execute the
static this {} of a module imported into a function. If this becomes a problem,
then a solution is just to allow importing modules without static this {}
inside functions.

Mar 19 2008