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digitalmars.D - Has any body taken a look at monetdb?

An old friend of mine is working in the database research group 
in Amsterdam, they have developed monetdb:

 From https://www.monetdb.org/Home

The column-store pioneer

The column store technology  of MonetDB has found its way into 
the product offerings of all major commercial database vendors. 
Its pioneering role has been internationally recognized with the 
prestigious ACM SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovation  Award and ACM 
SIGMOD Systems Award. The market for applications empowered by 
these techniques provide ample space for further innovation, e.g. 
as demonstrated by our ongoing projects. At the same time, the 
landscape for major innovations remain wide open. A peek preview 
is given in the award winning paper titled: The Researcher's 
Guide to the Data Deluge: Querying a Scientific Database in Just 
a Few Seconds.

I just found that there everything is now on Git hub, with 
clients written for:
Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python and Java.


I just took a short look into the Ruby client code, I have not 
used Monetdb yet, but is there anybody interested in trying to 
make a D client?

I think it might give an interesting storage concept especially 
for people using D for Big Data.

Any comment? Regards mt.
Jan 17 2018