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You can connect your HP wireless printer to your laptop or PC by 
following these steps:

o	Confirm that your router is switched on and working.
o	Switch on your HP wireless printer.
o	Hit the arrow key on the touchscreen. Dab “Setup,” then 
“Network,” and after it “Wireless Setup Wizard.” This wizard 
scans for obtainable networks.
o	Push the name or Service Set Identifier of a computer network 
in the catalog. The sole SSID names distinguish your computer 
wireless network from other obtainable networks.
o	Write the Wired Equivalent Privacy/ Wi-Fi Protected Access key 
through the touch screen’s keyboard, and after it press “Done.” 
The WPA and WEP security protocols give protection by encrypting 
data transmission through the wireless network.
o	Verify your network settings by pressing “OK” to allow the 
printer to attach to the network.
o	Set up the printer software and drivers on every PC, which will 
be employing the printer. Use the built-in installation CD, or 
download the HP drivers from the website. The software will 
direct you via the installation procedure and finish the 
connection between your PC and the printer.

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Jul 22 2018