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digitalmars.D - Go versus PL "Brand X"

FWIW, this guy, David Given,
http://www.cowlark.com/about/, has written an essay about Go


He compares Go against another real but less familiar PL which he refers 
to as "Brand X" in his article.  As you read the article you wonder just 
what language is "Brand X"; it looks familiar but not quite.

Now just before the more curious of you get too excited, let me tell you 
"Brand X" is not D.  Nevertheless the article is an interesting read.

Towards the conclusion Given writes:

"The only major features that Go has that Brand X doesn't are proper 
closures, and the interface system. And I'm afraid that's not enough."

"I would rather code in Brand X than Go."

"So what is Brand X?"

"Take a deep breath. This may shock you."

<scroll down for answer>

"Brand X is Algol-68."

Justin Johansson
Dec 07 2009