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digitalmars.D - Github Reminder

Pull requests for Phobos and druntime need to be reviewed before they get 
merged in. Ideally, every pull request would be reviewed by at least two 
Phobos devs before being merged in, but anyone is welcome to review pull 
requests for druntime and Phobos and give constructive feedback. It will help 
improve and maintain the quality of the code in druntime and Phobos. So, if 
you have free time, it would be much appreciated if you spent some time 
reviewing pull requests on github at least periodically:


And Phobos devs, please not only review pull requests when you can but also 
merge them in when they're ready. Only the Phobos devs have the permissions to 
do that for druntime and Phobos, and if not very many of us review pull 
requests, let alone merge them in when they're ready, then pull requests are 
going to tend to just sit there, and progress will not be made as quickly as 
would be desirable.

So, this is just a reminder that community participation is part of what makes 
github work - both in terms of submitting code and reviewing what is 
submitted. So, if you feel up to it, please review pull requests at least from 
time to time if not regularly.

- Jonathan M Davis
Aug 12 2011