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digitalmars.D - Github: Any way we can figure out which pulls are closed and which

I've e-mailed Github about this already (maybe a year ago), they said
it would be great if we had this "feature" (this is basic
functionality in my book..). But to no avail, they just keep adding
useless features like embedded imagery, more smiley faces, automatic
gravatar generation, while really needed features are never resolved.

If you look at Bitbucket the pull requests can be filtered between
Open/Merged/Declined (I think the last one also means Closed).

So now I have the situation where I've got around 7 pages of my own
closed pull requests on Github but I can't figure out which ones I've
temporarily closed vs ones which were actually merged.

Can merged/closed pull requests be figured out from some Github API perhaps?

Btw I'm really starting to like Bitbucket recently. They finally
support Git (for a while now I guess), they have messaging, threaded
comments. Although even they seem to miss the basics like the ability
to search pull requests. :(
Nov 16 2013