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digitalmars.D - Generating class hierarchy diagrams.

Hello everyone. I got into my head the idea of generating class 
hierarchy diagrams from the information available from D's 
reflection capabilities. After asking around for a little bit of 
assistance in IRC (IRC people are great!) and a bit of 
programming, I have produced something tangible.

I have uploaded it all here: https://github.com/w0rp/dhier

The repository contains an example file with an example output 
PNG. For the moment, this just generates a DOT language 
description of the class hierarchies in a graph. The idea is that 
you create a HierarchyInfo object, toss in a few ModuleInfo or 
ClassInfo objects, write it to something like stdout, chuck it 
through Graphviz, and you get a hopefully nice looking diagram.

Hopefully, this might be useful to somebody. It would be really 
nice if there was some good way to integrate this into something 
like Visual D. (Which someone in IRC suggested.)
Jun 09 2013