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digitalmars.D - GSoC Needs Mentors

Hi All

I want to put out a call for mentors for the 2017 Google Summer 
of Code.  I've heard back from a few of you but still only have 
about 3 mentors officially confirmed.  Perhaps some of the past 
mentors are assuming that I know you are willing to do it again, 
but I don't like to put anyone's name down as an official mentor 
unless I have confirmation that you can definitely help out this 

One of the application questions that Google is asking this year 
is how many mentors we have lined up so it is important that I 
can write a number > 3 in there!

If you haven't mentored before but are interested please get in 
touch. Have a look at the Idea's page too to see what you might 
be interested in working on.  The page is still under 
construction and I've had a few new ideas submitted that I 
haven't yet added, but they should be up shortly:



Feb 06 2017