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digitalmars.D - GSoC 2012 Proposal: Continued Work on a D Linear Algebra library

Hello everyone,

My name is Cristian Cobzarenco and last year, mentored by David Simcha
and co-mentored by Fawzi Mohamed and Andrei Alexandrescu, I worked on
a fork of SciD as part of Google's Summer of Code. While we've got a
lot done last summer there's still plenty to do and my proposal this
year is to get the library into a finished state where it can be
reviewed for inclusion in Phobos as std.linalg. The easiest place to
read my proposal is at the library's wiki:
https://github.com/cristicbz/scid/wiki/GSoC-2012-Proposal, I will
convert the formatting and add it to Melange soon.

Feedback would be most welcome, I'm interested particularly in if you
think the priorities I set are correct or if there is something you
would (or wouldn't) rather see in the library. Let me know if anyone
wants me to attach the content to an e-mail (it would be a pretty long
e-mail), to allow in-line commenting.


Cristi Cobzarenco
BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
University of Edinburgh
Profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/cristi.cobzarenco
Mar 27 2012