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digitalmars.D - Function hooks and calling conventions

Hi folks,

first, please excuse my bad English.
Currently I'm using a C++ Dll to inject code into a native
process but since C++ really f***s me up, I'd like to move from
C++ to D.
I have 2 questions, before converting my code.
1) Are there any libraries that provide the hooking
functionality. In C++ it was simple to use Microsoft's Detours
3.0 and attach/detach a function hook. I'd love to see a similar
lib in D.
2) What about calling conventions? In C++ you needed a function
pointer with the right signature (return value, parameters and of
course the right calling convention) to hook a function. Is this
also possible in D?

I already tried to google the questions, but since D isn't that
popular (I also don't understand why) it is difficult to find

Apr 09 2014