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digitalmars.D - Found D in the strangest of places... Right under the letter D

By some bizarre coincidence, or rightfully so, an (somewhat 
artificial attempt at a cleanroom-ish) unbiased attempt to find 
out what Google associates with each letter of the English 
alphabet, someone with extra time on their hands at BBC's 
technology department, I was pleasantly surprised to find, found 
D (language) to be the highest ranked single character Google 
search result for D, in good company, right next to the letter 
(and language) C.

The article (link below) is titled "Google: An A to Z of search 


All I can think was—"D is going places"

PS:  Apologies for the excessive parentheticals. In an attempt to 
convey my precise thoughts, I might have murdered English Grammar 
and rendered the post incomprehensible. Although being humans—as 
opposed to an (NLP) bot—you should be able to get the point one 
way or the other.

Jul 29 2018