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digitalmars.D - Forking phobos

I want to fork Phobos and hack a bit on it (maybe even submit some
pull requests, someday), but I'm having trouble compiling it (on
This is what I've done:

 - forked phobos on github
 - cloned the fork to my machine
 - run make -f win32.mak

and make complained that it can't make druntime lib. So I've cloned
druntime in same directory where i have phobos (so I now have phobos
and druntime directories on same level),
Did make -f win32.mak clean and tried make again, but it still
complains about druntime:

cd ..\..\..
Error: don't know how to make '..\druntime\lib\druntime.lib'

What I'm I doing wrong? Am I missing some more components?
I just want to be able to edit phobos source, compile it to phobos.lib
and link it to my d program.

I have DMC, DMD and LINK on PATH, that's not the issue...

Apr 03 2011