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digitalmars.D - Fail to build ldc with a llvm SPIR-V enabled


After to build the llvm lib from 
https://github.com/thewilsonator/llvm . I tried to build ldc2

with v1.9-beta1

/ldc2-1.9/tools/ldc-profdata/llvm-profdata-5.0.cpp:175:6: error: 
no matching function for call to 
ProfRecord&>::type, const uint64_t&, loadInput(const WeightedFile&,

And we can see that the signature is not the same:

$ grep addRecord 
   Error addRecord(InstrProfRecord &&I, uint64_t Weight = 1);

with ldc2 1.8.0

/ldc2-1.8/runtime/jit-rt/cpp-so/disassembler.cpp:297:32: error: 
'const class llvm::object::SectionRef' has no member named 

And we can see that the signature do not exists into the modifief 

$ grep -R getIndex 

I would like to know if someone has built ldc2 with LLVM SPIR-V 
enabled in order to use dcompute ?


Best regards
Apr 27 2018