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digitalmars.D - Facebook customer service number? It's a trick

More than likely, you are one of the billions of dynamic Facebook 
customer. The truth is out, billions! It's assessed that there 
are almost 2 billion dynamic month to month customer around the 

With that many individuals taking an interest on the online 
networking webpage, issues will undoubtedly emerge. On the off 
chance that something did turn out badly, how might you contact 
Facebook? You truly should be watchful in endeavouring to reach, 
it could bring about a dreadful trick.

A few people as of late recorded reports with police about being 
misled while endeavouring to contact Facebook. NPR chose to 
investigate what's happening.

NPR had an organization that spends significant time in phone 
misrepresentation call the number. The individual who addressed 
the call guaranteed to be a Facebook agent however was really a 

Here's the way the call went:
The fraudster addressed the phone by saying, "A debt of gratitude 
is in order for calling Facebook." The scientist told the phony 
rep that he was bolted out of his Facebook account and required 
help getting back in.

The con artist said for the record to be opened, the specialist 
expected to go to either Target or Walmart and purchase an iTunes 
card. When he bought the iTunes card, he was to get back to and 
give the fraudster the 16-digit security code situated on the 
back of the card. He would then be given the Password to open the 
Facebook account.

Step by step instructions to contact Facebook

The phone number that NPR found on Google likewise turned up in 
different places over the previous year. It was notwithstanding 
flowing on Facebook itself, on specific pages where individuals 
request offer assistance.

What you truly need to know is that there is No telephone number 
to contact Facebook. An individual from the organization's Help 
Team made that declaration on one of the pages that a customer 
was requesting help.

So on the off chance that you do an online look for Facebook 
client benefit, don't call any number that appears in the 
outcomes. The main way you can really contact Facebook is through 
its assistance focus.

Oct 06 2017