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digitalmars.D - [Embedded][Freebie] Mini STM32F103 board

Hi all.

If you're interested in developing in D for embedded systems, and 
you want a board, please let me know.
I've decided to be a sponsor of 3 boards + programming adapters 
(aka. "dongles").

The board:
-It has 64KB Flash memory and 20KB on-chip SRAM.
There's an on-board crystal oscillator and a LED.
The board can be powered directly from the programming adapter or 
by connecting a micro-USB cable to your computer.
It does not need anything else, but it can be used with a 
solderless breadboard if you like.

The programming adapter:
It comes with "dupont-wires", so it can be connected directly to 
the above board.
This is basically all you need. For programming the board, a GCC 
toolchain can be used and OpenOCD can be used for flashing the 
software (via the programming adapter).
My intension is to encourage embedded development in D. There are 
two kinds of candidates for such boards:
1: End-users (any user)
2: D-compiler Developers (such as Iain Buclaw, Johannes Pfau, 

-Both kinds of developers are welcome to participate.

In order to "win" a board, you'll have to go to http://d.gpio.dk/ 
and find out how to send me an email (sorry for making this 
tedious), then write me an email, where you specify the following:

1: The address you want the board shipped to (eg. your home 
2: If you're not among the first 3, you may be able to come up 
with a good story why you really should have such a board. 
Remember I can't sponsor a lot of boards, so you'll have to 
compete with others. I hope I can give away at least 2 extra 
boards. ;)

When the winners are found, I'll place a closing note on my 
Web-site and also inform the winners.
After that, I'll order the boards and dongles on eBay, so they'll 
be shipped directly to the winners.

Now go and send me an email. :)
Jun 18 2015