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For my libraries I have been using Doxygen to generate documentation.  This is
partly a 
carry-over from before DDoc was invented, and partly because on the whole it's
a powerful 
documentation system aside from its limited D support requiring the use of a
program to plug in the holes.  And that program is still here:


I've realised that dfilter hasn't been updated since 2007, when Doxygen 1.4.2
was current. 
  And I haven't really kept up much since work commitments have limited my time
to work on 
my D projects.  It's a shame that nothing's come of the community's attempts to
Doxygen supporting D properly.

And now that D2 has introduced new stuff to worry about, Doxygen is going to
struggle to 
catch up.  I'm not even sure the best way to filter const/immutable/inout
return types so 
that Doxygen parses them correctly, short of changing them to C++ notation. 
It's bad 
enough being still stuck with :: in places, thinking all aliases are types and
so on, 
without having to go back to the C++ way of expressing other things.

Is anyone here still using Doxygen with D?  If so, how have you managed with
its poor D 

Or has DDoc taken over the trade?

Feb 04 2012