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digitalmars.D - Dmd2 on Mac OS X 10.6

Apparently, dmd2 for Mac is not compatible with Snow Leopard (I haven't 
checked dmd1 though). The doc says "for Mac OSX 10.5", not "for Mac OSX 
10.5+", so I have been warned... ;-)

I naively tried to rebuild dmd from source, linking with the 10.6 SDKs, 
and forcing 32bit, but this doesn't help. (BTW, I had to change
     #include "../mars/mars.h"
     #include "../mars.h"
in dwarf.c and machobj.c for the build to succeed.)

Dmd compiles my D files ok, but the executables raise strange errors 
like "Bus error". So I guess it's the code generation that isn't up-to-date.

Did I miss something or do I have to wait for a compatible dmd?

Oct 23 2009