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digitalmars.D - Decreasing time between dmd releases: release early and often

Instead of trying to cram as many new features / bug fixes into the next
dmd release (thereby delaying the release), why not make the release
process more incremental and frequent (eg like google chrome).
That would reduce time to market of new features and bug fixes and prevent
people from having to use workarounds for stuff that has already been
implemented but not yet shipped in the yet to come release.

The only thing that should delay a release should be regressions.

As for debated or incomplete features, instead of delaying the release,
they should use an experimental inclusion in phobos to have early community
feedback, see one proposal (among others) here:
http://forum.dlang.org/thread/mailman.807.1365776844.4724.digitalmars-d puremagic.com?page=3#post-mailman.828.1365866403.4724.digitalmars-d:40puremagic.com
May 21 2013