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Walter Bright has just released version 1.067 and 2.052 of DMD which
offers 64-bit support on Linux for the D language.  Also there is a GDC
for version 2 of the language which is not handled in the current D
tool.  I will do some development of a new D tool (based on the current
one that is in the SCons core) as a separate tool so that others may
test anything I develop very easily -- having to work with a branch of
the core to work on a tool gets infuriatingly irritating -- even using
Mercurial! The core version can be updated from the separate version
once it is finished so there is no problem there -- though it would all
be a lot easier if the core was in Mercurial not Subversion ;-)

I guess this is notice for anyone interested in D that the core D tool
should be considered deprecated.

If there is anyone out there using SCons for D compilation/linking and
they are willing to help develop and/or test do get in touch.  It gets
lonely working on one's own!

The Mercurial repository of the new tool is at


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Feb 18 2011