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digitalmars.D - D language implementation of DigitalOcean API

Digital Ocean provide cloud infrastructure (KVM servers).  They 
serve a somewhat different market to Amazon's AWS and similar 
offering a much less complex product for a significantly lower 
price (especially if you pay the sticker price for Amazon).  
Unlike some other VPN providers, their servers are fast and my 
experience and that of others has been there is less contention 
for resources compared to some alternative lower-priced providers.

$10/mo for 1GB RAM + 30 Gb SSD

I have ported their API v2 to D.  It's not very well-tested for 
the time being, and given the conceivable risks if your software 
should go haywire, it might not be a good idea to use in 
production just yet.  But perhaps somebody may find it useful.

Link to the code.dlang.org is here:

DNSMadeEasy API coming up.

Oct 07 2015