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SCons is beginning to gear up to releasing version 3.

In looking at the D tooling, I have found something of an inconsistency
that would lead to a breaking change. SCons 2 =E2=86=92 3 would be a good p=
to do this, but it would require short-circuiting SCons' usual
deprecation process.

Currently the dmd, ldc, and gdc tools not only set up the compiler,
they also introduce the StaticLibrary builder, but not the
SharedLibrary builder. SCons normal set up is to use the link tool to
set up SharedLibrary builder and ar tool to set up StaticLibrary
builder. dmd, ldc, and gdc should not set up StaticLibrary builder.

So does anyone using SCons for D builds use StaticLibrary builder
without using the ar tool? If in SCons 3 you were required to use the
ar tool to get the StaticLibrary builder would there be a problem?

Also another issue of a breaking change: does anyone use SCons for D
builds on Fedora using the version of LDC where the library was called
libphobos-ldc.so instead of libphobos2-ldc.so. There is a hack in the
ldc tool for this. I would like to remove the hack. This is technically
a breaking change so should go into the deprecation cycle, I would like
to short circuit this as well in the light of moving SCons 2 =E2=86=92 3 an=
allow breaking changes.

The default answer to questions is no, which would mean waiting for
SCons 4 to make these breaking changes.

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Jun 15 2017