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digitalmars.D - D Website: D Links suggestion

While reading the "Why we chose not to use D for our Linux project"
thread, I noticed that the http://www.digitalmars.com/d/dlinks.html page
was ever more getting outdated, so I bring out the following sugestion:

Remove the sections Tools, Libraries, Games, and replace them with links
with the more up-to-date wiki counterparts:


Then go to the Miscellaneous section and remove entries that should
belong in one of the afore mentioned categories, such as these entries:
* Ares
* Elephant IDE
* D DBI database independent interface for the D programming language

If not removed these should at least be updated (Ares is now part of
Tango, Elephant has been deprecated in favor of Poseidon, etc.)

(it might also be interesting to update those wiki entries with newer 
projects, if they aren't there already)

Bruno Medeiros - Software Developer, MSc. in CS/E graduate
Jun 14 2008