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digitalmars.D - D Bugzilla: Products, Components and default assignees

I was wondering if we could setup bugzilla so that bugs specific
to a module would always be assigned to the module maintainer by
default. I know we have no real concept of a module maintainer, but
maybe we should try to establish such a concept.

For example there was an old bug report for std.uuid which I didn't see
till now. But if it was possible to have an std.uuid component I could
be set as the default assignee and get an email for every new bug

Bugzilla seems to support setting different assignees for 'Components',
but our current components are 'DMD', 'Optlink', 'Phobos',... so this
doesn't help us.

How feasible would it be to change Products to:
* 'DMD'
  (With Components Frontend/Backend)
* 'Phobos'
  (With Components std.array, std.datetime,... and 'default'
  for modules without maintainer)
* 'Druntime'
* 'Optlink'
* 'Dstress' (is this still being used?)
* 'puremagic.com'
* 'coffimplib' ...

Maybe creating a 'custom module field' in bugzilla could work too:
I'm not sure if the default assignee can be set based on the value
of a custom field, but at least searching for all bugs in a module
would be easier.
Nov 18 2012