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reply "bryan costanich" <bryancostanich hotmail.com> writes:
Hey all,

i'm not sure who would be the right person on this, but a good 
Google Summer of Code project would be to get D programs running 
on Arduino.

There's already been work done with MonoDevelop to get .NET MF 
code to deploy via MonoDevelop on Netduino. And there's a D 
Language plugin for MonoDevelop, so maybe they could leverage 
both those things, put them together and get a pipeline for 
creating D stuff in MonoDevelop, then deploying to Arduino.

would be awesome.

Does the D community participate in Google Summer of Code? The 
Mono team does, and we've had some awesome contributions to Mono 
from summer of code kids.
Mar 22 2012
parent "bryan costanich" <bryancostanich hotmail.com> writes:
i found the GSOC page for D and added it as a possible project.
Mar 22 2012