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Given that DVB-T starts with D, this list should be interested ;-)

I appreciate that with the rise of Internet feed television, few people
are interested in DVB-T. On the other hand there are a large number of
people still using DVB-T, including me. I have no idea what the Windows
and OSX systems of choice are, but in the Linux-verse MythTV is the
market leader. Except that this is for home entertainment systems, is
heavyweight and requires MySQL. My use of DVB-T requires a lightweight
client. VLC is not that client – you have to be turned on by calculating
the frequencies and bandwidths of the channel you want to watch,
manually. All this led me to Me-TV, which is exactly what I want, but is
sadly a programmer-less project. Sadly it is also written in C++, using

I am very close to signing up to develop this project, and would love to
do this as D+GtkD – switching what is currently a Gtk+2 system to Gtk+3.
If there was someone or some people who could chip in support and some
effort then I think we can volunteer to take this on and create Me-TV
3.0.0 as a D+GtkD system.

The current Me-TV user base don't really care about how it is
implemented, just that it works.

I am in contact with the person who has valiantly been keeping the
project going without development support, and I am sure that if a few
programmer types chipped in an hour here and an hour there so as to get
a new version of Me-TV in place he would be a very happy person.

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Mar 02 2014