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digitalmars.D - DMD + nedmalloc?

Doing some profiling of MiniD's GC showed that quiiite a bit of time
was being spent in the GC, but not where I expected it - most of the
time was being wasted in malloc/free, not the GC's marking or
sweeping.  Surprise!

So I thought "why don't I try nedmalloc?"  I get the source, compile
it with DMC, link it against my app and.. I get linker errors looking
for things that _should_ be in kernel32.lib.  And they are, but for
some reason, the linker isn't seeing them or something.

I thought "someone else had to have tried this before" and sure
enough, they - Craig Black - had:


There are two solutions provided in these threads, one by zz involving
modifying DMC's headers slightly and the other by Craig involving
using coffimplib on the official libraries.

Neither of them work.

So the question is: has anyone *else* ever successfully compiled and
used nedmalloc with DMC/D?  How did you do it?

<mutter>Oh, OMF.  If DMD output COFF like every other Windows
Jun 04 2009