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digitalmars.D - Current state of the Garbage Collector

reply helxi <brucewayneshit gmail.com> writes:
     First off, let me admit that I am no expert on Garbage 
Collector Technology or Language implementation. I made this 
thread only to know if there is any attempt being done to improve 
the current GC's efficiency.

     As the Garbage Collection techniques are becoming more 
efficient, how is D keeping up with the competition?

     As far as I understand, our GC is not the smartest one out 
there which can be a serious bottleneck to the overall 
performance. D doesn't have an incremental GC (let alone a 
generational one afaik), and the (fully conservative, 
stop-the-world) one it has just isn't very "good". So D sometimes 
would force me to revert to manual memory management, which I 
have no interest in whatsoever.

     If you look at Nim, it has a nice thread local GC, it's 
claimed to be faster in theory. (I have a feeling it will pose 
problems if you want to go multi-threaded).
Jul 08 2017
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Jul 08 2017